On the border of Karst plateau, with a view over Vipava valley lies a small village of Pedrovo, located in the center of many possible adventures.

Vipavska Dolina

Beautiful valley situated between the karst, alpine and mediterranean regions.


The Karst is a karst plateau that stretches between the Gulf of Trieste, Brkini and the Vipava Valley.


House Artes offers you an excellent starting point for many experiences in the surrounding area.

Visiting top restaurants, wine tasting in wine cellars or visiting nearby towns and cultural events.

For the more active, the surroundings offer many cycling trips, hikes to nearby peaks or relaxing trips to the sea.


Turistična kmetija Toncevi 

Tourist farm in the village where you can enjoy homemade food on a beautiful courtyard. (On foot)

Domačija Čilčevi

The Čilčevi homestead is a young organic farm and cheese factory in the village. (On foot)

Bistro Grad Štanjel

Karst cuisine in a modern way in the heart of the medieval castle in Štanjel (10 minutes drive)


Traditional cuisine with a touch of modernity in the village of Slap in the Vipava Valley. Fresh herbs and products from their herb garden are also for sale. (30 minutes drive)


Wine shop and bistro in the center of Ajdovščina. A young team with which it is best to discover the tastes of the Vipava Valley (25 minutes drive).

Gostilnica Ruj 

For a top culinary experience check Peter Patajac who never disappoints (30 minutes drive).

Vina Saksida 

Superior cuisine and wine tasting (15 minutes drive)

Osmice na Krasu 

Eights are a traditional form of selling wine and home-grown food. In the 18th century, by decree of Empress Maria Theresa, winegrowers were given permission to sell their wine at home eight days a year. Hence the name Eight.

Dvorec Zemono 

Michelin star restaurant in the hands of Tomaž Kavčič (30 minutes drive).

Restavracija Dam 

Michelin star restaurant in the hands of Uroš Fakuč (30 minutes drive).


Organized and guided wine tastings.